Cl♣verPi Board v1.4

The ultimate upgrade to your Raspberry Pi is here!

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Just Got your CloverPI???

Here is our getting started guide on how to assemble the CloverPI with your Raspberry Pis


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Complete Solutions

In addition tot he Cl♣verPi board we are going to be introducing complete solutions to a variety of uses utilizing our board and enhancements.

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Innovative Solutions to everyday I.T. needs

We utilize our years of I.T knowledge and expertise to develop products to help others with their projects and tasks.  At our very hearts we are tinkerers.  That's what we do.  We are always looking at tasks and thinking of how we can make those tasks easier, more productive, or just plain fun.

We utilize these skills  in our approach to solving a wide range of tasks and abilities.  Looking outside our immediate areas of business we constantly engage others to see how we can apply what we are doing to assist them because after all we are problem solvers.  That is the real purpose of technology in the first place.


Next Steps...

We know everyone is asking...

We know everyone is wondering...

We know everyone is saying...

"What is CloverPI?,  "What does it do?", and most important of all... "Where can we get one?"

We are currently in our initial development phase of CloverPi so we are all focused on that right now.  The prototypes are being tweaked, the possible uses are being define, and we of course have to figure out how we are going to get this amazing AMAZING device out to all you eager technical gurus.


Keep watching March 1st 2020 our KickStarter will be launching so all of you can become part of CloverPi

Pre-Launch link: